What's new in v2 of Spring Calculator Professional

Spring Calculator Professional is the latest spring design and calculation software released by IST. Version 2 was released in August 2019 and includes the following improvements over previous versions

User interface improvements

Flexibility of window layout/contents

Auto update with new version

Save and retrieve workspace (position and size of windows on screen)

New Projects and Parts details


New features

Customised print templates

Export functionality to Word or Excel files


3D spring drawing with animation

Exporting of 3D models

Technical or calculation changes

Inclusion of working temperature and its effect on G modulus.

Dead coils can be specified differently at either end.

Extension springs can now contain dead coils (e.g. for screwed in ends) and also be open-coiled (with a gap between the coils at the free length)

Double torsion springs can be designed.

Open coiled torsion springs can be designed.